17.6-cm (6.95-in) Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH® picture

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17.6-cm (6.95-in) Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH®
17.6-cm (6.95-in) Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH® additional picture 1
17.6-cm (6.95-in) Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH® additional picture 2
17.6-cm (6.95-in) Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH® additional picture 3
17.6-cm (6.95-in) Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH® additional picture 4

17.6-cm (6.95-in) Media Receiver with BLUETOOTH®

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Item # XAVAX5000
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Apple CarPlay makes driving smarter
Use all your essential iPhone functions on the road with Apple CarPlay. Just plug in your phone to get started. Tap the icons to take calls, check voicemails and text messages, bring up maps, or even talk to Siri. And of course, listen to your favourite songs using iTunes, Apple Music or apps. You can dictate text messages, control music playback, or get directions, without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Android Auto™ gives you all the help you need
Journeys are easier and safer with help from Android Auto. Plug in your phone to get traffic information, lane guidance and real-time navigation assistance from Google maps. You can even send text messages, take calls, or check your voicemail through the simple interface. Android Auto also includes best-in-class voice-recognition technology, so you can get directions, send messages, make calls and control music while keeping your hands safely on the wheel.

See and control everything on a flush 17.6-cm touchscreen 
Bring up maps, sort through playlists and make phone calls — all with just a quick tap on the touch controls. The ultra-slim 17.6-cm (6.95-in) display uses a bezel-less panel for a smooth fit on the dashboard that blends seamlessly with your car interior.

Quick-access key terminal
Enjoy quick and easy operation on the road. Keys along the bottom of the receiver give you instant access to basic features such as volume, source, sound settings and voice control.

Easy installation with a compact rear chassis
Despite its double-DIN display, the rear chassis is far smaller than conventional double-DIN units. This makes for much easier installation and leaves plenty of room for cabling and other accessories in the space behind the display.

Dual USB ports
Enjoy all the greatest hits from your music library while your phone handles directions. Thanks to dual USB ports, you can connect your smartphone and USB device at the same time.

Three pre-outs let you expand your sound system
Looking to build your own in-car sound system? Three pre-outs give you countless possibilities for expanding your setup. Plug in your desired amplifiers and sub-woofers to customize your sound.

Rear camera ready for easy reversing
If you've got a rear camera installed, you can use it to help you park. Whenever you tap the rear camera icon or put your vehicle in reverse, the video feed instantly comes up on screen. Customizable guidelines help you to back in smoothly and safely.

BLUETOOTH® wireless technology 
Make hands-free calls and stream wireless audio from your smartphone with Bluetooth®.

4 x 55 W amplification for clear, powerful sound
The Dynamic Reality Amp 2 gives you 4 x 55 W of power, so you can play music as loudly or softly as you like. The amp has 47% less internal resistance than conventional units, for increased output and clear, natural sound at any volume.

Dynamic Stage Organizer creates virtual speakers on your dashboard
Sound waves are directional, especially in the higher frequencies — so if your speakers are positioned low in your doors, high frequency sounds are often lost, reducing clarity and instrument separation. Dynamic Stage Organizer uses digital signal processing to lift the sound, improving stereo positioning so music sounds like it's coming from right in front of you.

FLAC compatibility lets you play lossless audio files, so you can enjoy every detail of the music.

Sirius XM Radio ready
Connect your Sirius XM Radio satellite tuner (not supplied) to enjoy commercial-free music, sports, news and entertainment.